Gregory Cerchione - Criminal, Incompetent or Criminally Incompetent?

Gregory Cerchione False Deeds = Theft from Court

The Growler is now grinding thru almost 900,000 deeds to see if, as claimed by Gregory T. Cerchione, he is authorized to lie by the court.

# of Deeds4,000-
# Referee's Deeds6220
# Dated after notarization04

Probability the Cerchione deeds are illegal ... 99.983%

- Your go to for fraudulent deeds
- Sucker at risk (17 million +/-)

BRIAN MARK COGAN- a federal judge who has lost sight of his job, the constitution and, very probably, his soul.

Mexican Drug Lord meets Brooklyn's hanging Judge Brian Mark Cogan- Evolving Story Soon.

Pro-se in the 2nd Circuit? Screw you, screw our own precedent and screw Lord Byron and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor too.

All Lidya wanted was her medical school records. Why did she end up on Rikers for 11 months and on a terrorism watch list?

A new take on an old problem. Would free public transit work?

Has the Coffee bubble burst?

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is squishing local artists with ridiculous trademark complaints.

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At 550 Vanderbilt, a "two-bedroom" unit renting for $3,390. Check the fine print.
Now, Dean Street neighbor Industrious claims to be part of Pacific Park
Discuss: "550 Vanderbilt fits right in with the existing charm of Brooklyn, while making a statement all by itself"
Next Quality of Life meeting on Tuesday, May 2; pending questions re buildout
Barclays Center releases May 2017 calendar: only three ticketed events (and what about graduations?)


Former Director of Anti-Immigration Group Set to Be Named Ombudsman at U.S. Immigration Agency
Independent Monitor Faults New York State for Delays in Aiding Mentally Ill
America’s Other Drug Problem
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Lawmakers Seek Stronger Monitoring of Racial Disparities in Car Insurance Premiums

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