Greystone and Blink are at the mercy of the misrepresentation of foreclosure attorneys.
BLINK BLANK BLUNK - abandoned complaint = no foreclosure - MORE
Card image cap Two years and waiting for oral argument at AD2.

That is the unfortunate circumstance, but that circumstance has not stopped the flood of inquiries about the future of the Lyceum.

As we believe that the appeal is airtight and we want to get the word out about what the battle revolves around, we present this mini-argument for public consumption so the world can see how the system must work.

Greystone lies that may shut Blink Fitness down.
First Greystone commits forgery ... then Greystone lies to the Buildings Department ... then Greystone lies to Blink. Who gets the haircut? - MORE
Pigs get fat ... -
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Hogs get slaughtered ...

Or so the saying goes.  Greystone looks more hoggish by the day.

One would think that over promising in a commercial lease situation would lead to problems, even lawsuits.

This one looks like a doozie.

Greystone, despite their best attempts to ignore their own malfeasance in the soon to be invalidated purchase of the Brooklyn Lyceum, keeps creating their own problems.

For example.... take a look at Blink Fitness.  They signed on for 15,000 +/- square feet of space in the Brooklyn Lyceum.   Little did they know that, in order to build the adjacent building taller, Greystone had to tell the NYC Buildings Department that the uses in the Brooklyn Lyceum had to be a community facility.

And, guess what is not a community facility according to the NYC Buildings Department, commercial chain gyms.

In addition, Greystone never bothered to get a anew certificate of occupancy (CofO), a required process when significant changes have been made (altering exits adding or removing floors, excavation), and is instead attempting to have Blink Fitness occupy a brand new floor that does not even exist in the Certificate of occupancy they are using from 1943.

Wow.  What will Stephen Rosenberg of  Greystone do?  Not do commercial in the base of a brand new residential building and give up some of that residential?

More likely they take the bullet now on the inevitable Blink lawsuit and suffer through whatever breakup will entail be it settlements or lawsuits.

How many flat out lies will Avery S. Mehlman of Herrick and Feinstein commit for Greystone
Seems like a coverup of forgery by Jeffrey Simpson of Greystone - MORE
Avery Mehlman is a lawyer who lies and doubles down when caught in a lie. -
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Former Kings County ADA seems to have forgotten all those don't commit perjury, don't misrepresent things to the court and don't violate due process tenets of being a lawyer.

Maybe that's what being a lawyer means nowadays.  We feel sorry for those this cretin convicted as an ADA.

Read on to see the tricks of the trade employed by Avery S. Mehlman and, by extension, Herrick and Feinstein.

We wonder how long they can keep this rotten fish around.

Maybe he needs to hit an actual dozen lies in one case?

Let's see what lies Avery makes ....

Can Curtis Pollock clean up Jeffrey Simpson Perjury and Forgery?
Greystone had no answer to Perjury and Forgery allegations ... so they double down with more perjury!!! - MORE
Does Rosenberg know of COO perjury? -
Card image cap

Greystone backs up forgery and perjury by Jeffrey Simpson, a low level corporate officer, with ... more perjury by Stephen Rosenberg's Number 1, Curtis Pollock (Greystone Corporate Co-Chief Operating Officer).

When we last took the pulse of the situation, we filed a motion to dismiss a Greystone lawsuit because the deed put forth was clearly forged and Jeffrey Simpson committed perjury at the outset of the lawsuit swearing to have read a complaint that had not yet been written.

Greystone had until November 21, 2017, to respond to the motion to dismiss their lawsuit about the Brooklyn Lyceum Deed.

That day passed, as did 44 more.

By the time that Greystone attempted to answer the motion to dismiss, some 45 days late, they had, by not responding by November 21, 2017, admitted to anything in the affidavit in support of the motion to dismiss.

Specifically, Greystone admitted that Jeffrey Simpson had lied (committed perjury) when he swore that he had read the complaint drafted by his attorney, Avery Mehlman of Herrick and Feinstein.

In addition Greystone admitted, by their non-response, that the deed they filed with the City Register and with the complaint as their proof of ownership, was a forgery.

In addition, Avery S. Mehlman admitted to committing perjury and misrepresenting facts to the court in general, and Ellen Spodek, in particular.

Well, as it would unfold, Jeffrey Simpson is out at Greystone (seems that our allegations of perjury and forgery might be a problem).

He has run away and taken another nimrod warrior (Jared Chassen) with him to a new venture that, as far as we can tell, lacks a website we can highlight and publicize.

In his stead, probably as a fixer / cleaner (a la Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction) is Stephen Rosenburg's right hand man, Curtis Pollock, Co-Chief Operating Officer and with Greystone since 1993. Clearly, he is not put in charge of things that are day to day.

And, what does Co-Chief Operating Officer Curtis Pollock do in his first act in the case? Curtis Pollock, just as Jeffrey Simpson and Avery Mehlman, commits perjury by lieing in an affidavit.

What are the lies?

Well, that is for a later reveal.

Suffice it to say that a CEO (Stephen Rosenberg) that raps about business processes probably is asleep at the switch.

GREGORY CERCHIONE - Criminal, Incompetent or Criminally Incompetent?
We believe he is a crook - MORE
Overview -
Card image cap

It is hard to tell if it is laziness, incompetence, hubris, greed or corruption. A case is can be made that is is a bit of all five, especially when the courts turn a blind eye to the problem.

What really remains to be seen is.... how much deed fraud is too much for the system of property transfer in NYC to withstand?

It is really quite simple. Deeds are the currency of real estate. There are strict rules that must be followed lest the whole thing go sideways.

It is so important that those rules are followed that whoever lends you money to buy real estate almost always requires that you get title insurance from someone who will research the chain of title step by step from time immemorial to the date of the transaction to make sure that you are getting something with a legit title. The title company insures the bank/buyer to the amount of the purchase price based on paying a premium.

  • Sometimes Title Companies make mistakes. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.
  • Sometimes Title Companies work fast and loose with the truth. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.
  • Sometimes Title Companies don't do due diligence. They pay for those to the amount of insurance.
  • Sometimes Title Company clients fraudulently induce them into insuring something. They either pay or tell their client that they are not required to pay because fraud cannot be the basis for a contract.

Where it gets really interesting is when the banks are too cozy with the developers and loan based on the property itself as collateral. If the buyer fails to pay they take the property. Simple, no?

But what happens if the deed itself is bad and there is no collateral for the bank to attach to?

Are really getting tired of this situation.
The wigs from the 1700s were far smarter and/or far better statesmen who left us tools to fix almost any situation. We should dust off, sharpen and use the damn things. Repeatedly. Until the logjam breaks. - MORE
A New Preamble -
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We are still the people, but "We, the People", have gotten lazy.

And, some of the people who were not originally intended as "We, the People", are rightfully pissed.

Let us state right up front that the people who wrote the founding documents of this federation of independent states, were White, Male, Landowning, Protestant, slave owning bastards who wrote up a government for themselves and people like them.

Others were not likely to be protected as noted by Washington himself after the Revolution with regards to one nearly tolerable other group, Catholics:

As mankind become more liberal they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protection of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality. And I presume that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their Revolution, and the establishment of their government; or the important assistance which they received from a nation in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed.

Quite the admission there that some are less equal to others.

But that does not negate in any way the beauty, power, and resiliency of the system they wrote.

The tools that make up that system have a history that instructs on their power and use.  

We should all master them to thwart those who would sully the country with attempts to limit those documents outside the ways listed in the documents on how to change the documents. 

An overview
Walk thru this document and you may decide to use Flask on your next project. - MORE
What is Flask? -
Card image cap

Let me preface this part with the statement that there are many, many uses for Flask.  We will address it as a content server with some presentation things along the way.

Consider this a bare bones tutorial of how to build a website in Flask.

Essentially, Flask is a set of tools written mostly in the Python programming language which is itself is a set of tools.

Chew on that for a moment.  A set of tools built on top (or incorporating as their building blocks) a set of tools.

Flask uses the Python tool set, the Flask tool set and hundreds of task specific tool sets also written mostly in Python.

Sounds complicated.  But it really isn't that bad.  It is very powerful , and, in contradiction to Django (also python) and Ruby (not Python), Flask imposes very few restrictions.  You get to choose how dangerously you want to live.  As a result, you get incredible flexibility of your own choosing.  The downside is flexibility comes with some additional complexity cost.  Knowledge of that additional complexity will make you capable of much more than other solutions.

If you are using PHP, well, we can't cure you, but take a look at the Flask medicine.

So get buckled in and walk with us through this project.  Lets learn some Flask!

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is squishing local artists with ridiculous trademark complaints.
Is William J. Thomashower a liar? We think so. -
Card image cap

Is a trademark of a place valid in the United States? We think not (it sure isn't in Britain as Canary Wharf Apartments learned).

Did William J. Thomashower overplay his hand ? We think he did in a few ways.

This simple T-Shirt design by has been attacked by William J. Thomashower on behalf of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.

First and then bowed to his will.

They covered their corporate behinds but there remains the Battle of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Why do the SDNY and EDNY not open criminal complaints of violations like other Districts do?
Card image cap

May 10, 2017: I was arrested and charged for reporting a crime to a federal bankruptcy judge in my own hearing before that federal bankruptcy judge.

By the time the un-named and unbadged seemingly US Marshals, Court Security officers and Homeland Security officers were done I was stopped by at least 7 of them upon exiting the courtroom.

The lead goon (haven't found his name yet) just stood to the side.

The secondary un-named goon pictured here (call him Ginger as he is a redhead) asked me to come with them.

As he had no badge, I demanded his name. He said, again to come with them.

I persisted and asked a second and a third time.

Ginger then directed three homeland security officers to cuff me, which they did.

I immediately and repeatedly demanded, as is my right when being arrested absent a warrant, to be taken immediately before a federal magistrate judge. This they did not do.

After that I was forcibly taken by the goon squad to an elevator, forced to face the rear and spread my legs, forced into a room on the first floor and again forced to face a wall and spread my legs.

After 45 minutes +/- of questioning I was released and charged with the two counts of disorderly conduct.

What I have learned should cause anyone to take pause entering any building where the courts are housed, as they are lawless zones.

Goons. The lot of them.

Magistrate Henry Pitman on the prowl!!
Is AUSA Stephanie Lake a tool of Michael Ferrara? - MORE
Magistrate Henry Pitman's  scam court ? -
Card image cap

Lidya Maria Radin. A person like any other, save for the circumstances of her prosecution by the Southern District of New York and what appears to be a Soviet era quality show trial where judge Pitman avoids stating that his court follows the US Constitution, witnesses who are not allowed to be asked if they have read, let alone studied, the US Constitution which they have sworn an oath to support, uphold and defend and demanding a probable cause hearing or a simple review of probable cause gets one taken away by US Marshalls and held in a room while the judge debates how to screw you if you won't participate.

Yeah, I know, standard belief is that if one is being prosecuted, one is guilty. But this long, twisted repetitive stripping of a defendant of her rights ought to have everyone worried, scared and angry.

It has happened to Lidya Radin (charged with entering an public elevator after a hearing to which she was not a litigant and charged with attempting to enter the clerk of courts office in the SDNY).

It has happened to Jason Berg (tackled at full tilt outside Newark Courthouse for taking a picture of a car.)

It has happened to Louis Mumford (telling a judge that as his client was acquitted, his client was free to go).

It has happened to me, Eric Richmond (arrested for reporting crimes (felonies) by the Second Circuit to a Federal Judge).

It could happen to you. Make that it will happen to some of you.

Take heed now and see the inner workings of a system where no one even bothers to check the checker, watch the watchers or judge the judgers.

Especially when they run a scam based on public indifference, like Magistrate Henry Pitman.

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