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THE GROWLER: a years late followup to some heated discussions about the future of journalism ...

which led to a process diagram sketched on the back of an envelope that was promptly ignored for years.

During the decade that followed, journalism went into a tailspin and is now, effectively, neutered at the traditional point of origin, Main Stream Media, who are now too beholding to the entities they should report on that even the pretense of speaking truth to power is gone.

Then a media echo chamber of silliness on all sides effectively cauterized a Democratic-leaning populace into a zombie-like apathy at the polls.

Since then things have only gotten worse as no side substantively interacts with the brainstems of the American populace.

Not only must objective critical analysis occur (whether or not we call it journalism), that work needs to be given a fertile and sustainable soil from which to spring.

The Growler is that soil.

Read on to see what we want to become.

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      1. Pro Se in the Boro of Brooklyn
      2. FIP - A cat tragedy
      3. Underneath the Transit covers
      4. Smarter than the Founding Fathers?
      5. Banks should fear BlockChain, not BitCoin

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We chose the name theGrowler from our remembrances of the our long-since left this mortal coil pet Alaskan Malamute, Attu, named after the western-most Aleutian island.

Attu took great pleasure in growling when she sensed danger.

That being said, here are some links to growlers and some discussion tabs.

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Old Guard still standing ...

  • --How the Rural-Urban Divide Became America’s Political Fault Line
  • --McGahn Skips Hearing, Defying Subpoena, and Democrats’ Anger Swells
  • --Trump Expected to Pick Ken Cuccinelli for Immigration Policy Role
  • --2019 Australia election: Liberal-National coalition secures majority
  • --Iranian threats 'put on hold', says US defence chief
  • --Tributes paid to F1 legend Niki Lauda
  • --Donald Trump has been warned by the west’s most influential economics thinktank that further escalat
  • --Russian documents reveal desire to sow racial discord — and violence — in the U.S.
  • --Whistleblower unraveled Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion from Putin's cous
  • --Dispute over game console might have led to Round Lake Beach woman's fatal stabbing, prosecutors say
  • --My worst moment: 'Life in Pieces' and 'Breaking Bad' star Betsy Brandt and feeling starstruck with S
  • --What's it like to watch your son compete on 'The Bachelorette'? WGN's Nancy Loo weighs in

Indie news of note ...

  • --Historic stone houses in Woodberry bulldozed this morning
  • --Baltimore government could have lost its website last week. And not because of hackers
  • --“It’s time for change,” say members who ousted longtime BTU president
  • --Blue-Collar and Service Workers Fare Better Outside Superstar Cities
  • --Despite Resistance, Cities Turn to Density to Tackle Housing Inequality
  • --CityLab Daily: An Uber Battle Becomes a Street Fight
  • --Opinion: Amazon Deal’s Collapse Shows the Work Big Tech Must Do in NYC
  • --Video: What’s in Store for Today’s Younger New Yorkers as They Get Older
  • --Queens Community Board Launches New Committee to Address Needs Of Immigrants
  • --Incoming Nets owner Tsai: team "value's not going to go down," thanks to league's "socialist" econom
  • --Night work last night "due to a last minute change" (which explains nothing)
  • --Politico scoop: one real estate executive who de Blasio improperly solicited was Bruce Ratner; did i

Science feeds of note ...

  • --Space Launch Calendar 2019: Sky Events, Missions & More
  • --In 2020, NASA Will Send Living Things to Deep Space for First Time Since Apollo
  • --'Finding Our Place in the Universe' Details Quest for Earth's Supercluster: Author Q&A
  • --Baby sharks are eating the birds that live in your backyard
  • --The Maya dealt with a form of climate change, too. Here's how they survived.
  • --The coolest way to keep food cold without refrigeration
  • --Tiger sharks feast on migratory birds that fall out of the sky
  • --Finding common ground can reduce parents’ hesitation about vaccines
  • --How the battle against measles varies around the world
  • --Plastic makes up nearly 70% of all ocean litter. Scientists have discovered that microscopic marine
  • --AI was 94 percent accurate in screening for lung cancer on 6,716 CT scans, reports a new paper in Na
  • --Bonobo mothers pressure their children into having grandkids, just like humans. They do so overtly,

Evolution feeds of note ...

  • --Dissimilarity-driven behavior and cooperation in the spatial public goods game
  • --Current accounts of antimicrobial resistance: stabilisation, individualisation and antibiotics as in
  • --Pheomelanin pigment remnants mapped in fossils of an extinct mammal
  • --How to Eliminate Going to the Dentist
  • --Group Selection in Every Way Except Using the Words: A Critique of “The Goodness Paradox” by Richard
  • --Mismatch Between Our Biologically Evolved Educative Instincts and Culturally Evolved Schools
  • --Phenotypic Plasticity, Developmental Instability, and Robustness: The Concepts and How They Are Conn
  • --The Synarcual of the Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea: Novel Development Among the Vertebrates
  • --How the Devil Ray Got Its Horns: The Evolution and Development of Cephalic Lobes in Myliobatid Sting
  • --The Benevolent Power of Other People
  • --Why Is This Ostrich Wearing an Extra Set of Wings?
  • --Fossils Are Filling Out the Human Family Tree

Espresso feeds of note ...

  • --The Perfect Solution For Cold Brew Coffee on the Go
  • --The Osaka Cold Brew Dripper Tutorial
  • --A Coffee Drinker’s Guide to Coffee Candies
  • --Cómo Tratar la Roya Del Café Con Fungicidas
  • --Un Recorrido Por Las Tiendas de Café de Edimburgo, Escocia
  • --What Is Witches’ Broom & How Does It Affect Cacao?
  • --Will Turkish coffee ever make it to the US?
  • --So what’s actually the golden ratio?
  • --Blowing away crema before tasting?
  • --coffeetography.: Lady near Santo Cafe, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • --hopper.: Poopity Coffee, TWA’s Coffee Counter and Clutching a $75 Coffee.
  • --photo essay.: Rose Park Coffee Roasters on Pine, Long Beach, CA.