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Has the Coffee bubble burst?
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Signs of the coffee-pocalypse...

There are always warning signs before an earthquake.  People don't often perceive the warning signs but anecdotal evidence suggests that animals often get a sense that something is wrong.

Only after the fact do humans do a post-mortem to see the signs that were available.

In this article we look at some signs we all should have seen.

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Elon Musk Says Mark Zuckerberg's Understanding of AI Is Limited
German Automakers Formed a Secret Cartel In the '90s To Collude On Diesel Emissions, Says Report
iOS 11 Will Prevent Your iPhone From Automatically Connecting To Unreliable Wi-Fi Networks
Microsoft Confirms It's Not Killing Off Paint After Outpouring of Support
A New Study Shows the Moon's Interior Could Contain Water

A new synthesis route for alternative catalysts of noble metals
Researchers hit new world efficiency record with perovskite solar cells
When it comes to tillage, timing matters
Discovery of why emus are grounded takes flight
A new model yields insights into glaciers' retreats and advances

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Open Burns, Ill Winds

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New York Times

Health Care Showdown: Insurance Company’s Profit Indicates Obamacare Isn’t Dead
What to Watch for in the G.O.P.’s Health Care Showdown
Senate Braces for Health Showdown With McCain on Hand but a Plan Unclear
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Chicago Reader

Karissa Talanian of Eye Vybe Records on a new online mecca for Chicago underground music
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